ZERO DROP "All the Shoes That Fit"


Skora Running’s New Video is Missing One Element: More Shoe Footage!

Newcomer to the natural running footwear sector is Skora Running, whose shoes are stylish, innovative, and unlike anything else out there. It seemingly has all the right ingredients for a high-performance shoe. For example, Skora's zero-drop Form has an upper made with goatskin leather and sheepskin leather lining; asymmetric lacing and no-tongue construction to provide a glove-like fit; minimal cushioning and a curved section profile in both the forefoot and heel. And the shoe doesn't come cheap, either ($195). Skora's new "Run Real" video is also cool to watch; the techno soundtrack and crystalline cinematography alone will want you to go out and run, no matter what's on your feet. Alas, the video woulda scored a lot higher if it only showed more of the shoe. Going for mood and effect is okay if you are Nike and everyone on the planet  knows the brand. Skora might want to do another video with the same footage but maybe add some extra scenes with detailed close-ups of the shoe.

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