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ASICS’ New Gel-Lyte 33s Are Being Marketed As Light and Fast, and with an Ad Campaign that Makes Little Sense


ASICS' new Gel-Lyte 33s seem like the bizarre offspring of the candy-colored Newtons and mega-popular Nike Frees. Bright colors for the uppers are being combined with a lightweight super-flexible tread to make runners think they are going pseudo-barefoot or minimalist. Never mind that the 33's heel-to-toe differential is as steep as any beginner's bunny ski slope. But the ASICS gang realized that the Nike Frees were mopping up the competition in the minimalist footwear sector.  The Beaverton bunch needed to have their toes stepped on.  Nor can ASICS can be accused of being all that original. They aren't. Their new print ad campaign for the 33s seems mighty Hunger Games-ish. Then again, do you really want to equate running shoes with an arrow. Wasn't the mighty Greek hero Achilles felled by an arrow in his heel in the Trojan war?

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  1. It’s a 6mm drop. Not sure I get your point, other than to mock the ad campaign.

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