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Dep’t of Wrong Shoes, Wrong Place: Nixon Walking on Beach

It's difficult to imagine Nixon ever truly found time or the need to relax, even for a stroll on the beach.

President Richard Nixon was never a kick-up-your-heels-kinda guy anyway. Which probably explained his preference for sturdy, no-nonsense, GOP establishment-style footwear-- even for a walk along the beach. (Can you imagine him barefoot? In flip-flops? Obama yes; he grew up in Hawaii after all.) Although Nixon owned a beachfront house in San Clemente, California-- a great surfing locale by the way--he was not much of a jock.  The one sport he truly loved, if you can call it a sport, was bowling; he even had a two-lane alley installed in the White House basement. Jimmy Carter was the first presidential jogger; George W. Bush was much more competitive as a runner until bad knees forced him to take up mountain biking. Obama plays hoops and loves his golf.

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  1. Presidential heel strike…. or just …… presidential heel ?

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